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Medical Records: If your child has reached the age of 18 or their first college physical and will be transferring out of PAI, or you would simply like to request a copy of your child's immunization record, contact our medical records department at (260) 918-2595. Please note that we do request at least two business days to process your request. We ask that all new patients forward their previous medical records to PAI prior to their appointment. We recommend that you contact your previous physician as soon as possible to initiate this process.

Transfer to PAI:

Medical Records Release Form

Transfer from PAI:

Medical Records Release Form

Forms: Due to the high demand of physical forms for school, sport, and camp activities, we ask that you allow at least three business days to process your request. Please note that peak times for the completion of these forms are May-August and could result in longer wait times. If you are requesting the completion of an FMLA form or want a school form sooner than 3 days, a fee may be assessed.